“I’m not a rapper, producer, or singer. I am an artist"


In the past decade, Ash Riser has been constantly ascending and blurring the lines, in an age where we glorify artists and put them in boxes. Riser’s roots begin in South Bay, a diverse community of all cultures and influence. Riser began his career in music with the band “Pistol Pistol”, where he was the lead singer and guitarist. Making a name for himself in the rock scene caught the attention of Kendrick Lamar. Ash’s collaborations with Kendrick on “Overly Dedicated” and “To Pimp A Butterfly” led to Riser earning a Grammy for his contributions in 2016. Since that time, Ash has performed under the name “Ashtrobot” and played along side artists Dirtyphonics, Protohype and others on Buygore records at several sold out shows. Ash Riser’s upcoming 2020 release of the 4 self produced ep titles are the pinnacle of his effort, dedication to the art, and his  evolution in music.